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We are pleased to offer a special clinic again this year that will focus on the singer.  Join Diana Chappel from Virgo Music Canada and Barb Grenier for  "Vocal Basics 101' and learn about breathing, sound placement, vocal dynamics and much more to improve your vocal performance.  This clinic will take place on Sunday, August 5th from 12:00 to 12:45pm in the arena.

Some of the most popular attractions at the Classic Country Music Reunion each year are the various events that take place on the Lorne Hachey Open Mic.

Starting on Thursday evening the stage will be open for anyone attending the CCMR to sign up and sing a classic country song or two with the band. Since its inception in 1992 this event has always been a big part of the “reunion” aspect. For that reason, you never know who might pop in and take their turn at the centre mic or who might be found sitting as part of the backup band.

What a thrill it has been for some of our first time singers to turn around and suddenly find that they are being backed up by some of Canada’s most respected and legendary country musicians. Yes, people like Steve Smith, Andy Schick, Bob Lucier, Stu Peters, Paul Evans, Steve Piticco, Tim Sanders, Claude Petrie, Lorne Hachey, Gary Hooper, Mickey McGivern, Kurk Bernard, Jay
Riehl, Frank Woodcock, Bill Johnson, Robin Evans, the great "Unwound" Band and hundreds of others who have been known to slip on to the stage and play with our dedicated regulars

Due to the popularity of the “Open Fiddle Jams” started in 2012 we will be continuing them this year on both Friday and Saturday from 11:45 Noon until 12:45 PM, concluding just prior to the start of the Open Mic sessions at 1 PM. All fiddle players (along with their backup musician friends) are invited to come along and “Jam” together, one tune after another for an entire hour. If you love good Old Time Fiddle tunes you’ll want to be in the audience or playing along with the bunch as players of all ages and abilities play together for fun.