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Unless otherwise stated within these By-Laws, or the context otherwise requires:


  1. CCMR shall be the Classic Country Music Reunion & Jamboree referred to within as CCMR
  2. Member shall mean a person who is duly admitted to any types of membership provided by the By-Laws of the CCMR.
  3. Member in good standing means a member who is not in arrears in payment of the membership dues.
  4. Board of Directors shall mean Executive Board.
  5. Officer shall mean one of the following positions: Past President, President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer.
  6. Shall and will, shall be regarded as imperativ
  7. May shall be regarded as permissive
  8. Masculine words shall import feminine
  9. Singular words shall import the plural, and the plural the singular


2001 – The organization shall be known and designated as the Classic Country Music Reunion and Jamboree (Ontario Corporation number 1026994)

2002 – The objects for which the corporation is incorporated are:

The establishment and operation of a country music society for the purpose of:

promoting interests in and the study, practice, performance and appreciation of country music, broadly defined;

arranging and promoting lectures, concerts, functions, benefits and festivals in, of and respecting country music, broadly defined;

arranging and promoting competitions and exhibitions of country music, broadly defined, and establishing and granting prizes, awards and distinctions, and such other complimentary purposes not inconsistent with these objectives.

2003 – The special provisions are:

For the purposes of the objects of the Corporation, the Corporation may accept gifts, donations and bequests

The corporation shall be carried on without the purpose of gain for its members, and any profits or other accretions to the Corporation (subject to clause 2003 c hereof) shall be used for promoting its objects

In any year and from time to time the Executive Board may, but need not, by majority vote, distribute any excess profits to such charitable or other community organizations as the Executive Board may, in its discretion, determine and, for the purpose hereof, the Executive Board shall determine, in its discretion, what shall constitute “excess profits”


3001 – Only Life, General and Executive Members in good standing shall have the right to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting.

3002 – No member who transacts business with, or performs a service for the CCMR for which a fee or commission is paid, shall be eligible to be a member of the Executive Board unless such transactions have been previously approved by the Executive Board.

3003 – To be eligible to become a Life Member, that individual must have been, in the opinion of the executive board, involved directly or indirectly (or a combination of both) with the CCMR for a period not less than ten (10) years. The eligible member may be nominated to receive a Life Member status if passed by the “Membership at Large” at an Annual General Meeting.


4001 – The Executive Board shall consist of twelve voting Directors, six of which are to be elected annually for a two year term. At the first meeting of the Board of Directors following the annual meeting the Directors shall elect from among themselves the officers of the Association for the coming year consisting of: President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. To be eligible to stand for the position of President, First Vice President or Second Vice President, the individual must have served on the Executive Board for at least a two year term immediately prior to the election. In the event that no one on the elected Board of Directors is willing to or qualified to accept the position of Secretary and/or Treasurer, the Executive Board shall be allowed to appoint individuals to assume those rolls, and those individuals shall function as non-voting members of the Executive Board. The immediate Past President shall also be a voting member of the Executive Board.

4002 – The Executive Board shall consist of all unpaid Directors.

4003 – The Executive Board shall have the power to add a maximum of two additional voting members by motion at a meeting if such additional members are deemed advisable and necessary. Any appointed member must be a paid-up member in good standing or become one within 30 days of their appointment.

4004 – The term of office for the Executive Board shall be from December 1st following their election to November 30th of the following year.

4005 – The fiscal year of the Association shall be from October 1 to September 30 annually.

4006 – Insofar as it may relate to the operation of the functions of the CCMR, subject to the control of the Annual Meetings, the Executive Board shall have all the powers of the CCMR, except to appoint auditors and to amend the By-Laws.

4007 – Seven voting members of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum.

4008 – The Executive Board shall meet at least monthly on a day and at a time to be fixed by the Board or at the call of the President, for the passing of accounts, the transaction of current business, the examination and discussion of any suggestions made to it for the general welfare of the CCMR and such other business as may be introduced.

4009 – The Executive Board shall have the power to suspend and/or expel members, subject to the provisions of the General By-Laws of the CCMR.

4010 – The Executive Board may, from time to time, appoint committees or individuals to carry out any of the advisable or necessary functions of the CCMR.

4011 – Any member of the Executive Board who absents himself from three (3) consecutive, or a maximum of (5) regular meetings of the Executive Board within any twelve month period, unless granted a leave of absence by the Executive Board, shall cease to be a member of the Board.

4012 – The Executive Board shall have the power to fill by appointment, any vacancy which may occur on the Board during its tenure of office. Such appointments shall become effective only upon the approval of the Executive Board, and shall remain in effect until the next annual meeting.

4013 – The Executive Board will be solely responsible for any and all financial decisions and affairs of the CCMR.


5001 – The President shall preside at all meetings and shall enforce order and strict observance of the By-Laws except that, the Executive Board may name some other member to act as chairman for the conduct of the general meeting, Executive Board meetings and for the conduct of elections. The President shall exercise a general supervision and control over the officers and business of the CCMR and shall call meetings of the Executive Board (subject to Article 4008), or of the CCMR, when he considers it advisable. He shall transact such other business as may, by custom, pertain to his office and he shall only vote when there is an equal division on any question. He shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.

5002 – The rights and powers invested in the President shall, in his absence or disability, be vested in the next senior Vice-President who is available for these duties. The Vice-President shall perform such duties as may, from time to time, be assigned to them by the President.

5003 – The Secretary shall keep a record of the proceedings of meetings, whether the CCMR or the Executive Board, in special books kept for that purpose. He shall be required at every meeting, to have with him the proper minute and record books, and all the necessary books and correspondence which he may have in his possession, relative to the business likely to be transacted at any meeting. He shall hold these and act at all times and in respects entirely at the will and direction of the Executive Board and shall conform to all such rules and regulations as the Executive Board may determine. He shall supply each new member with:

a copy of the General By-Laws of the CCMR
An official membership CCMR pin
An official annual membership card
A copy of the most recent newsletter, (if any).

5004 – The Treasurer shall keep a just and true account of all monies received and paid out by the CCMR and all financial transactions of any and every kind whatsoever, including always a full and complete statement of the credits and liabilities of the CCMR. He shall ensure that all funds are deposited in a company or credit union as directed by the Executive Board and the account shall be kept in the name of the CCMR. The Treasurer shall keep his books in his possession except as may be permitted from time to time by the Executive Board, and they shall be open for inspection by the Executive Board at all times. When, and as often as the Executive Board requires, and upon reasonable notice, he shall submit a detailed balance sheet containing a summary of the assets and liabilities of the CCMR and all its financial dealings, arranged in a proper and business-like manner.


6001 – Standing Committees shall be appointed at the discretion of the Executive Board and the appointment of the Chairman of such standing committees shall be at the discretion of the Executive Board.

6002 – The Executive Board may appoint as circumstances warrant, any members of the CCMR for a special committee to take up any matter concerning the CCMR.

6003 – Each committee shall elect its own Chairman unless he has been named by the Executive Board, but if he is not present at any meeting of the Committee, the members present shall choose a chairman of the meeting.

6004 – The Chairman of the standing committees shall have the power to add to their committee.

ARTICLE 7 – Annual & Special Membership Meetings

7001 – Any Life, General, or Executive Board member, paid up and in good standing may attend and vote at the annual general meeting of the CCMR.

7002 – The annual general meeting of the CCMR shall be held for the purpose of elections of officers and to receive suggestions from the general membership regarding events sponsored by the CCMR throughout the next term.

7003 – The annual general meeting of the CCMR shall be held during the month of November. Should the date of this meeting so scheduled prove to be unsuitable for a good and justifiable reason, the day of such meeting may be changed by a motion properly moved and seconded at an Executive Board meeting.

7004 – Special meetings of the CCMR may be called by the Executive Board or shall be called within two (2) weeks by the Secretary upon receiving a petition in writing, signed by not less than thirty (30) percent of the general membership. Any notice calling such a meeting shall briefly set out the purpose for which the meeting is called and shall notify all members in good standing at least seven (7) days prior to such meeting.


8001 – In the absence or disability of the President, the next senior Vice President who is available will act in his stead.

8002 – The presiding officer at any meeting shall enforce order and strict observance of the CCMR By-Laws. He shall have the right to decide all questions of order, subject to an appeal by the meeting, which appeal must be sustained by a majority vote of those present.

8003 – The Presiding Officer shall, when debate has ceased on any question, put same to an open vote, giving the words of the motion clearly, so that no member may misunderstand the question on which he is about to vote. In the event, however of two thirds (2/3) of the members present demanding a secret ballot on any particular question, such question shall be decided by secret ballot.

8004 – Any member wishing to introduce a motion, or to speak, shall arise and address the Presiding Officer, and shall wait until he is recognized before speaking.

8005 – Where business arises of which no notice of motion has been given, the Presiding Officer, may, if he considers it in the best interests of the CCMR, adjourn to the next meeting the debate on such business.

8006 – No member may speak more than once on any one motion without prior permission from the Presiding Officer, except that the proposer of the motion may speak first and last on his motion.

8007 – A motion duly proposed and seconded may be amended. Such amendment must be proposed and seconded and must embody the substance or intent of the original motion. The number of amendments to any one motion shall not exceed two (2). Amendments shall be voted on in reverse order of arising until one is passed, in which case the original motion, as amended, will be voted upon. If no amendment passes, the original motion must be put to a vote. An amendment must be withdrawn at any time before it goes to a vote with the consent of the proposer and the seconder.

8008 – The proposer of a motion cannot propose an amendment to his motion, but may for the sake of clarity, and with the consent of the seconder, he may make minor alterations to the wording, with the consent of, or at the request of the Presiding Officer.

8009 – Voting on a motion shall be limited to those voting members present at the time the motion is put to the floor by the Presiding Officer. The Presiding Officer shall have the right, if he should so elect, and in this case only, he would be permitted to cast the deciding vote in the case of a tie vote.

8010 – A guest, duly acknowledged and introduced, may, at the invitation of the Presiding Officer, participate in the debate.

8011 – It shall be the responsibility of each member of the CCMR to familiarize themselves with these rules of procedure so that they may cooperate with the Presiding Officer in maintaining orderly debate and expanding the business of the agenda.


9001 – The Annual General meeting of the CCMR shall be held, subject to article 7003, for the purpose of the election of the Executive Board and to receive suggestions from the general membership regarding events sponsored by the CCMR throughout the next term.

9002 – Any life, General or Executive member, paid up in good standing may attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting of the CCMR.


The secretary, acting on behalf of the Executive Board, shall circulate by mail to all members in good standing, a list of members who are eligible to accept office for the coming year, as outlined in section 4001. This mailing will take place on or before September 15th. This mailing will also include a nomination form.

Members will be instructed to nominate eligible members for the positions of Director, and return these nominations either by mail or e-mail prior to a specified deadline date.

You must be a paid up member in good standing for the previous one year or be on the Executive Board for the previous one year before standing for a position on the Executive Board.

Members nominated for position of Director will be notified by the Secretary, and only those who agree to accept the nomination by a specified date will have their name included on the ballot.

Following the deadline date, the Secretary will send out by regular mail to all members in good standing a ballot for the purpose of electing Directors for the coming year. Legitimacy of ballots will be verified by the use of the CCMR corporate seal on each one.

The election will be held entirely by mail-in ballot. Members in good standing wishing to exercise their right to vote shall submit their ballots to the secretary by return mail, courier, or hand delivered prior to the deadline date specified. The only ballots allowed will be those which have been sent out by the Secretary. There will be no additional ballots distributed at the annual meeting.

The secretary will bring all ballots received to the annual meeting, where they will be opened and counted by scrutineers duly appointed for such purpose.